The Centre for Regional Development

The Centre for Regional Development (CRD) is a unit that brings together members with rich achievements and diverse specialisations. The research and implementation work undertaken by CRD is carried out in close cooperation with scientific, local government, business and non-governmental partners. The ambition of the CRR Team is to use the most up-to-date and valuable scientific achievements to support partners and principals, while using practical experience to create new concepts, methods, tools of scientific and utilitarian value. CRD's scope of work includes:

Conducting research oriented towards creating innovations in the area of:

- local and regional policy,

- public service management,

- intersectoral cooperation.

Providing support to public entities and the business sector in the field of development programming and planning, including, in particular, drafting documents, training and consultancy.

Preparing analysis and forecasts, including in particular studies, research and expertise in the field of defining local and regional potentials, including economic specialisations, tourism products, culture, human and social capital.

  • Contact

    Marcin Lis, PhD




    Krzysztof Wrana, PhD

    Deputy Director 



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