Centre for Psychosomatics and Health Prevention

The Centre for Psychosomatics and Health Prevention (CPPZ) brings together specialists from different areas of health knowledge. Research work and projects are carried out in collaboration with scientific institutions and clinical units. The idea of the CPPZ Team is to work interdisciplinarily for mental and somatic health, based on competences from the social sciences and medical and health sciences. The scope of the CPPZ includes:

  • Conducting scientific research on the impact of stress and mental and emotional factors on the onset, course and treatment of diseases;
  • Promoting knowledge on prevention and psycho-prevention of diseases and disorders, through the development of education and training programmes for professionals, patients and public institutions;
  • Providing substantive support to individuals and institutions interested in the issue of psychosomatic disorders, including counselling, consultation, intervention activities.

Assoc. Prof. Monika Bąk-Sosnowska, PhD

Director of the Centre for Psychosomatics and Health Prevention