Rafał Rębilas, PhD - Vice Rector for International Cooperation


WSB University not only sets the standards of education on the Polish market, but has also consolidated its position on foreign markets, becoming a strong institutional partner in the field of education and research. This is confirmed by the high University’s 2nd place in the internationalization ranking. This is reflected in the international profile that has been built over the years. The possibility of carrying out part of the studies abroad, foreign internships, programs allowing to obtain two diplomas simultaneously - Polish and foreign ones, participation in many international projects, are just some of many opportunities we offer our students. What is equally important, we systematically expand the offer of programs conducted in foreign languages, which we are currently implementing over a dozen.

Today, WSB University is one of the Polish universities most frequently chosen by foreign candidates and a place where Polish students have the opportunity to experience cultures unheard of in other academic centers. Nearly 2,000 foreign students from 50 countries around the world study at our branches, studying in English, Russian and Polish.

Cooperation with several hundred higher education institutions around the world means many international educational and non-educational projects carried out each year. We learn from the best in the world, but we also set internationalization trends and help foreign universities by sharing our good practices, for example as part of Interreg, Erasmus + Strategic Partnerships and Capacity Building projects or programs of the National Agency for Academic Exchange. We focus on modern specialist knowledge and the most important competences in the dynamically changing labor market, but the overall development of our students is important to us. This allows our Polish and foreign graduates to achieve professional successes.

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