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Ambassador Program

The Ambassador program is here!

10 students of WSB University were invited to take part in the Ambassador program for the academic year 2021-2022. The program will focus on developing student competences and knowledge by working in various fields and projects like:

• Promotion of WSBU in social media
• Supporting promotional campaigns by participating in photo and film sessions
• Promotion of studies at WSB University in their home countries
• Help in organisation of Open Days or Integration meetings for future and newly recruited students
• Representation of WSB University at science/job fairs and various student organisations
• Cooperation with the Career office and Research clubs at WSBU
• Help newly arrived students to start their life in Poland (airport pickup, help in finding accommodation, help with orientation week, etc.)

It looks like a lot of work but in return, the Ambassadors will receive a number of bonuses such as:

• Numerous bonuses and discounts of their tuition fees
• Participation in training courses and workshops both in Poland and abroad (with partial- or full coverage of travel fees)
• Gaining managerial and leadership skill and experience
• Developing organizational skills
• Opportunity to get involved in the activities of WSBU clubs
• Possibility of internship at WSB
• And much, much more!

Being a student is the best time to gather as much experience as possible for a successful future and we believe that gaining this experience with the Ambassador program is a perfect choice!