About Q-HELIX Initiative

The Q-Helix University project pioneers collaborative ecosystem rooted in the Quintuple Helix model, connecting stakeholders around universities. By breaking away from traditional cooperation, it focuses on Comprehensive Ecosystem Security, Environmental Conservation, Smart City Development, and Healthcare Innovation. Lifelong Learners are guided through upskilling with micro-credentials, fostering innovation.

The Q-Helix Qualifications Framework offers flexibility, shaping personalized educational paths. R&I initiatives drive inclusive sustainable development through platforms for business modeling and hackathons. An incubator program supports social entrepreneurship, engaging mentors, investors, academics, and leaders. Rooted in inclusivity, diversity, and openness, Q-Helix aims to create a sustainable ecosystem driving positive global change.

Q-Helix establishes an integrated long-term joint strategy for education, featuring a European higher education inter-university campus and flexible curricula. Q-Helix fosters a diverse academic body, acting for digital and green transitions and promoting Europe’s resilience.

This inclusive university builds knowledge-creating teams, provides practical work experiences, and enhances institutional cooperation. Q-Helix tests innovative cooperation models, contributes to regional development, and aligns research with societal needs.

Q-Helix University shapes the future of higher education in Europe, fostering inclusive alliances beyond traditional boundaries.

Results & outputs:

  • 81257 learners
  • 6538 staff
  • 1 Q-HELIX inter-university campus
  • 4 cross-regional ecosystems
  • 36 challenge teams
  • 360 social entrepreneurs in incubator programmes
  • 60-80% of degree with mobile education paths
  • 100% of learners awarded with digital credentials
  • Thousands of modules transformed into microcredentials
  • Hundreds of programs opened up for flexible learners