Rekrutacja na specjalność będzie wznowiona od maja 2024 r.


    Talent management in an organization is a more important subject than anything else. Connections in times of radical social, economic and political challenges, enabling us to create developments and accurately identify the requirements required in the labor market. The organization develops and copes with difficulties in recognizing the talents and competences of its employees, so it can use the help of the best practices and committed.

    It is worth stressing that during the studies in the field of Management, you will gain both theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of management and related sciences. You will learn about the principles of functioning of various organizations (enterprises and public institutions).

    Moreover, a graduate of the talent management department will be responsible for the development and assessment of outstanding employees. As part of talent management specialization, the student deepens his knowledge and skills in the field of: talent management systems in the organization, the concepts and strategies of talent management in the organization, building talent programs, as well as good practices of talent management in the organization.


    • Management, I-cycle (6 semesters, bachelor degree)
    • Selected basic content: economics, elements of law, sociology, quantitative methods.
    • Selected faculty content: organization and management, marketing, finance, enterprise resources management, negotiations in business.
    • Content within specialization: talent management in the personnel policy of the organization, career management, talent management system in the organization, life cycle of talent in an organization, concepts and strategies of talent management in the organization, building talent programs, good practices of talent management in the organization.

    In WSB University, we understand well that knowledge should go hand in hand with practice. Therefore, the education concept in the faculty of Management at WSB University assumes a high degree of practicality based on the high competences of academic staff possessing both significant scientific achievements in the discipline of economic sciences, management and quality sciences, and practical professional experience gained in the international organizations. During regular meetings with the practitioner, you will be able to personally meet and talk to interesting people who will talk with passion about their work and share their experience.

    We are convinced that knowledge and excellent competences gained at WSB University will make your professional career dynamic and your successes spectacular.

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