WSB University students can take part in study or internship funded from Erasmus+ program.

  • Selection criteria

    A student must: • be officially registered at the faculty entitled to giving the title of Bachelor, Master, or Doctor; • have the first year of study completed*; • have a good GPA of the latest year of study** at least 4,00*** – GPA must be officially confirmed by the Dean’s office; • Knowledge of English min. B1 level/other foreign language applicable in the country selected for internship/study abroad. • Additional criteria of candidate selection: • Participation in international projects, including help in organizing Erasmus+ foreign students’ stay; • Scientific accomplishments and academic activity, Internships abroad for graduates: • it is possible for graduates to partake in an internship abroad under Erasmus+ program on the condition that the student applies for a scholarship before the end of their study program, i.e. before defending a thesis. A student becomes a graduate on the day of defending their thesis. An internship of that sort may take place within 1 year from completing a study program, and the length of the internship is added to the amount of time spent during previous internships during the current study program. Admission for a graduate’s internship abroad takes part during the last year of study. *In case a Master program student has received a Bachelor degree at WSB University, they may take part in the program even during the first year of Master study. In that case, GPA of the last year of Bachelor program is taken into account. ** An application may be sent by a first-year student who has not completed the first year of studies by the time they are applying. However, in case their application is successful, they must have finished the first year of studies before beginning the internship abroad, and they must bring to the International Relations Office the confirmation of completion of the first year of studies from the Dean’s office. *** In case there are no applicants with GPA 4.0, candidates with GPA lower than 4.0 may be taken into consideration.

  • Duration of mobility for study or internship

    At each of the three levels of study (first, second and third cycle studies), the student can take advantage of mobility lasting up to 12 months in total. The minimum period of mobility for study is 3 months, and mobility for internship is 2 months. The month means 30 calendar days.

    • student’s mobility for studies to other countries participating in the program – from 3 to 12 months;
    • student’s mobility for internship to other countries participating in the program – from 2 to 12 months;
    • graduate’s mobility for internship to other countries participating in the program – from 2 to 12 months.
  • Deadlines

    Documents for student mobility under Erasmus + program in a given academic year are accepted until 28.02 each year. If the University receives additional Erasmus + funds for mobility in a given academic year or for unused places, supplementary recruitment will be carried out.
    The deadline for submitting documents in the framework of supplementary recruitment will be each time announced by the International Office on the website, social media and by e-mailing to students.

  • Admission procedure

    The recruitment procedure consists of two stages:

    • pre-selection of candidates on the basis of submitted documents,
    • proper selection, which includes language tests and additional interview in English.
  • Application documents

    A student interested in receiving a scholarship submits the following documents to the International Office:

    • Registration form available for download below,
    • A confirmation of the GPA of the whole year of studies from the Dean’s office,
    • optional – additional information (teachers’ opinions, certificates from internships, voluntary work or participation in conferences, other documents certifying student’s accomplishments).
  • Partner universities

    As part of the Erasmus + program, students can apply for mobility in program countries (i.e. in the EU countries) and in some partner countries from other regions of the world (non- EU countries).

    • 28 European Union countries,
    • EFTA / EEA countries: Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway;
    • EU candidate countries: Turkey, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.
  • Internship destinations

    A successful student is obliged to find a place for an internship on their own. They can also take advantage of one of the International Office’s offers.

  • Online linguistic support

    Before the beginning and at the end of the mobility period, a student qualified to participate in the trip, with the exception of persons for whom a given language is the mother tongue, is obliged to complete the language test (assessment test) at the OLS Online Linguistic Support indicated by the University. Completion of this obligation is a prerequisite for a positive student settlement from the trip.

    The student will participate in an on-line course in English or another language in which classes at the host institution will be conducted and will start immediately after receiving the license. The student is obliged to use the license for its intended purpose in the period between two online language proficiency tests. The participant is obliged to immediately inform the coordinator at the sending university if they are unable to attend the online language course for which he has received the license.

    The payment of the last part of the scholarship will take place no sooner than the student will complete the online language test.

    In case of students whose language level, according to the language test completed before the trip, is below B1, the license for the language test is automatically given by the OLS system! The completion of the online test is obligatory for positive feedback of a student after the trip!

    Tips as to how to use the OLS system are available at:

    http://erasmusplus.org.pl/online-linguistic- support/

  • Individual EU survey report of mobility participant

    The student qualified for mobility will complete the individual online EU survey at the latest within 30 days from the date of receiving the request for its submission. A student who does not submit an individual report may be called by the University for partial or full refund of the EU grant received. A student may be requested to submit a supplementary online report relating to the matter of recognition.

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