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Administratorem Twoich danych osobowych jest Akademia WSB. Więcej informacji znajdziesz TUTAJ

Attention! Possibility of obtaining co-financing of up to 100% for MBA and postgraduate studies under the National Training Fund!

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Thanks to Big Data, we create unique products, services, and solutions using advanced analysis tools such as Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence algorithms.

In enterprises, teams of specialists - Data Scientists - have the knowledge and skills of in-depth data analysis and use them in creating new business models - play an increasingly important role in building innovative business products. The popularization of cloud services and analytical tools using Free Software (OpenSource) has enabled small, dynamic companies, i.e. Startups, to compete with the largest organizations in the area of building modern, intelligent products and solutions for end customers. The studies are addressed to people who want to develop their professional career, business systems or conduct scientific research in the area of:

  • data processing techniques and technologies,

  • data mining methods,

  • modern machine learning algorithms, including those based on deep learning,

  • decision support systems,

  • applications of Big Data technology in business,

  • Big Data architecture,

  • application of cognitive services in advanced analysis of text, image and sound,

  • building an advanced data analysis platform in cloud and hybrid environments.

The subject of studies should also be attractive, especially to employees of companies that plan to find a competitive advantage through the analysis of large data sets.


    • A modern field of knowledge, very attractive on the labor market,
    • Classes in virtual laboratories, work based on the latest software - SQL Server,
    • Using the latest Data Science tools,
    • Emphasis on practical classes using many tools,
    • Staff with practical experience,
    • Modern IT techniques, useful in every field,
    • Huge potential of the data processing and visualization workshop. 

    • Introduction to Python
    • Phyton language in Data Scientist applications
    • Introduction to the R language
    • Introduction to Data Scientist
    • Machine learning and data engineering
    • Advanced data analysis tools in Data Scientist projects
    • Relational and non-relational data sources
    • Artificial intelligence systems and algorithms
    • Practical use of cognitive algorithms
    • Collection and processing of streaming data
    • Analysis and modeling of business data
    • Data visualization 

    Number of hours - 188 hours. 
    Candidates for studies should have at least higher education.

    Duration: 2 semesters 
    Basis of passing: studies end with an exam after each semester of studies 
    Days of classes: selected Saturdays and Sundays 


    Admission fee 300 PLN on the day of registration
    I 2100 PLN until October 5, 2024
    II 2100 zPLN until November 5, 2024
    III 2100 PLN until January 5, 2025
    IV 1900 PLN until Febraury 5, 2025
    Ogółem 8500 PLN  

    It is possible to arrange individual installments.


    More and more organizations around the world base their key business processes on data analytics. Information is a source of a company's competitive advantage, provided that the organization is able to efficiently acquire, analyze and extract valuable business knowledge from it. And for this, it needs Data Scientist specialists, who are still missing on the labor market. That is why I cordially invite you to postgraduate studies at the WSB Academy. The study program responds to the needs of employers, including, among others: database management modules, artificial intelligence systems, data visualization.

    Wojciech Muras 
    CEO of Net-o-logy 


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    *The discounts listed below do not apply to MBA and postgraduate studies: Executive MBA, Master of Business Administration (Partner of the course: EY), Master of Business Administration (MBA SME), ACCA in Polish - Financial management and accounting in an international environment and ACCA STRATEGIC PROFESSIONAL.


    Study Coordinator

    Ewelina Fiołek
    phone: 32 111 01 02