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Only now: until June 15, 2023 promotional price 25 000 PLN 17 900 PLN

Completion of the Executive MBA program (partner: Webster University) at WSB University is one of the conditions for applying to be appointed to the supervisory boards of companies with the participation of the state treasury in accordance with the Act on the Principles of State Property Management, without having to pass the state examination!

The Executive MBA program is designed to enable future business leaders to develop skills, knowledge and experience needed to navigate effectively in ever-changing global business. The diversity of courses allows for the comprehensive understanding of various aspects of management, leadership and strategy. In this program, students will have the opportunity to learn from experienced faculty and industry professionals, collaborate with peers, and engage in real-world projects to apply the acquired skills in practice.

The Executive MBA program at WSB University puts particular emphasis on the practical aspects of management and thus it aims to develop students’ skills pertaining to global views of the state and the functioning of the enterprise in an international environment, taking into account the principles of sustainable development, social responsibility and ethics.

Only now: until June 15, 2023 promotional price  25 000 PLN  17 900 PLN


  • Advantages

    • completion of the Executive MBA program allows you to apply to be appointed to the supervisory boards of companies with the participation of the state treasury in accordance with the Act on the Principles of State Property Management, without having to pass the state examination!
    • high place in the Perspektywy 2021 MBA Ranking: 4th place in the category QUALITY OF THE FACULTY (participation of lecturers- practitioners with business experience, people with the highest qualifications among the teaching staff, experience of the program director, availability of staff for students),
    • program partner: Webster University,
    • as part of the studies, participation, free of charge, in the PRISM Brain Mapping, as well as obtaining a personalized report of mental toughness (PRISM is a neuroscience-based tool designed to identify behavioral preferences that are directly related to interpersonal relationships and performance at work),
    • postgraduate modules based on specific needs of managerial practice carried out by eminent specialists, practitioners from Poland and abroad,
    • a sustainable project management module led by GPM Global (Green Project Management Global) specialists,
    • know-how in the form of practical implementation tools supporting the development of the company Artificial Inteligence, ISO 9001Standards, GSSI, HRIS and Analytics  
    •  possible certification in the field of project and process management Green Belt - Lean Six Sigma and Black Belt - Lean Six Sigma,
    • possible international certification in the field of sustainable project management: Green Project Management at the level of GPM- b™, ,
    • all subjects are taught in English,
    • Program graduates can join the MBA CLUB (additional courses, training, lectures, conferences; cultural, integration, sports, hobby, and practical networking events).
    • a quality management module, which includes lates technologies used in Six Sigma, Lean  and Kaizen;  possible  international certification in the field of sales and marketing - Professional and Certified Corporate Sales Professional,

    • study visit to a company with an international reputation



  • Programme

    • Strategic Management: Navigating Global Challenges and Technological Innovations
    • Finance and Accounting: Mastering Financial Decision-Making in a Dynamic Business World:
    • Human Capital Management: Maximizing Organizational Performance through People
    • Logistics and Supply Chain Management: Driving Efficiency and Innovation in Global Business
    • Quality Management: Achieving Excellence through Continuous Improvement and Sustainable Practices
    • Marketing, Sales Management, and CRM: Navigating Global Markets and Building Customer Relationships
    •  Leadership: Navigating Diversity and Fostering Inclusion
    • Digital Transformation of Contemporary Organizations
    • Change Management: Navigating Organizational Transformation and Adaptation
    • Organizational and Economic Behavior: Exploring the Interplay of Economics and Management (elective
    • Corporate Social Responsibility: Development of Ethical and Sustainable Organizations (elective
    • Intercultural Menagement and Organizational Culture: Shaping Values, Beliefs, and Performance (elective):
    • Psychology of Management: Navigating Global Challenges and Technological Innovations (elective)
    •  Study Visit in Enterprise: Practical Learning in Real-World Business OperationsCapstone Project: Synthesizing MBA Knowledge for Real-World Application

    Additional information:

    • Duration: 3 semesters, 518 h (in 13 months)
    • Days of classes: classes twice a month: Saturdays, Sundays, 8.00 am - 5.55 pm
    • Credit requirement: the program concludes with 3 exams completing each semester of study and the submission of the final project. Moreover, the basis for obtaining credit for individual study modules will be the analysis of the following: case studies, practical assignments based on the course content, group tasks and individual tasks
    • Online classes (Blended learning)




    The organizer reserves the right to make changes to the study programme.

    The Webster University module takes place online on 7 selected Thursdays.

  • Staff

    Programme Director: Prof. dr hab. Łukasz Sułkowski

    Vice-Rector for Research and Human Resources Development of WSB University.
    Polish professor of economics and humanities specializing in management sciences. He works at the Jagiellonian University. He was Vice-President for International Affairs and Quality Expert at the Polish Accreditation Commission. He is the President of PCG Polska. Previously, for more than 20 years, he gained extensive experience in managerial work, on management boards and supervisory boards of many Polish and international companies. ( “Goplana”, “Nestle”, “Fazer”, “FPL Consultant”, “Polski Len”, “GTL”, “PCG” ) .
    He is the author of more than 300 publications and the director, executor of 15 research grants (including those funded by the Committee for Scientific Research, the National Science Centre, the Ministry of Science, the EU). He was the head of the NCN project “Quality Culture in Polish Universities”. Currently, he leads the DIALOG project “Organisational Improvement of the Universities of the Future (UNIFUT. PL)”. Participates in the work of international organizations and associations: American Academy of Management (AAofM – USA), International Family Entreprises Research Association (IFERA), Reseau Pays du Groupe de Vysegrad (PGV, Steering Committee – France) and European Academy of Management (EURAM)


    Robert Reinfuss

    Innovator, management practitioner, business advisor in the field of human resources management, MBA lecturer and author of numerous publications. Author of ValueView® and Market of Objectives™. He specializes in strategic HR, techniques to increase profitability and work efficiency, remuneration policy. Author of management books: MBO, simple effective technique of managing your company and Market of Objectives. Return on investment in HR.

    Personnel Director of the Year 1999 in the Rzeczypospolita competition. For 14 years he worked in senior management positions in private companies in the banking sector, production and sales. He holds a degree in sociology from the Jagiellonian University and postgraduate studies from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) in the UK and MDP in Johannesburg.

    Realized advisory projects for: Santander Bank, ZM Kazimieruk, Bank Pocztowy, SGB Bank, Vulcan, Kapsch, Work Express, Contact Center, HTL Strefa, LW Bogdanka, MaintPartner, Saint Gobain, Ruukki, Bank BGK, 2012. pl, PTC ERA, Hestia, KRUK SA, PGE EO, Grupa ENEA, Energa Operator, Tauron Sprzedaż, Merck, ZNAK, TUV, Danone, D. TEC (UA), Suder& Suder, Mercer, Arcelor Poland, TU Europa, Bank BPH, Kompania Piwowarska, Tesco, Nowy Styl Group, Lux Med, Cersanit, Orlen Oil, Axa, Allianz, Compfort Meridian, Adamed, Poch, TRW, Ministry of Finance, UM Świdnik, OTCF, Węglokoks SA, House of Skills, Piekarnia Familijna, Pryzmat, Model Making, Oknoplast, Alstom, Interchemall, BD Group, PARP.


      Dr Krzysztof Wojewodzic

    Krzysztof Wojewodzic aka Kris Escola – Serial techprepreneur (w/ 2.5 exits) and researcher specializing in AI in Education.

    At the invitation of The Economist, he spoke at World Economic Forum in Davos and Global Agenda in London.

    He is currently CEO and Founder of Escola inc. – 170. fastest growing company in Europe (20x growth in years 2019-2022). Escola provides IT services and solutions to companies like Sony, Citibank and Porsche, L’oreal and 20+ universities. Escola was also awarded 2023 “impact star” by Deloitte for the knowledge sharing that Kris and Escola are providing.

    He is a Global Education champion of the Entrepreneurs Organization (17.000 Founders of >$1M revenue) and he hosts “My EO Education” podcast.

    Father of two boys, fan of kitesurfing and MTB. 

    Expert in business models. He worked for the Boston Consulting Group (BCG). His apps have received more than a million downloads on four occasions. One of the apps was the most downloaded in 6 countries. Dr Krzysztof Wojewodzic is an expert of the National Centre for Research and Development (NCBR) and a visiting professor at ALK. President of Escola S. A. Owner of


    Radek Jaros

    Business consultant and trainer specializing in sales, marketing, and change management - from operational to strategic contexts. Prior to providing services under the Selliteo brand, he spent the majority of his 16-year professional journey as a sales and marketing director in large corporate sector companies. He holds a Master of Science degree in Management from Oxford University and an MBA from Stockholm University.

    His international experience was further enhanced by 2 years working as a manager in Germany's business environment. Having had the opportunity to lead large teams, communication and a process-oriented approach are of utmost importance to him. He is passionate about his work, which led him to explore various industries. As a result, he has built an unconventional portfolio of projects and developed the ability to analyse a company's situation in a broader business context.

    He has also been involved in several strategic reorganization projects, which inspired him to conduct extensive research in this area during his studies at Oxford. In addition to his advisory, training, and recruitment activities, he is an entrepreneur, teaches MBA courses at several universities and invests. He highly values a relaxed and natural approach to building relationships and cherishes direct contact with people.


    Dr Maria Rybaczewska

    Academic and business consultant. Cooperating mainly with SMEs, specialising in marketing and retail. Graduated from International College of Journalism, University of Stirling and Lodz University of Technology. PhD dissertation focused on employer image and purchase decision process of the final buyer was honourably awarded by the Organisation and Management Department of Lodz University of Technology in 2014. In the past cooperated with Clark University Massachusetts and University of Social Sciences in Lodz as an Assistant Professor. Currently employed at a research position of an Assistant Professor at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków and collaborating with the University of Stirling in the field of research. She has been collaborating with WSB University for years as well.

    Apart from work, a highly dedicated mum and wife caring for relationship building through time spent with family, among others, on relaxation and hobbies i.e. travels and sport.


    Dr. Katarzyna Kolasińska – Morawska

    She gained her professional experience in the field of distribution chain management by working in the Rossmann drugstore head office network and working with AC Nielsen. In terms of scientific interests, she worked as an editor of the serial publication “Logistic Management” and co-editor of “Agile Commerce” in the scientific journals “Entrepreneurship and Management” of the Social Academy of Sciences. She is also the author of many publications in the field of business communication, distribution process management and logistics. She participated in European and national research projects, e. g. EMC – “European Marketing Professional Certification” “School of Practical Economics – Youth Mini-Business”, “Infologistyka”, “Knowledge Education Development” and in the program “New Professional Competencies of Management Students – the Way to Success on the Labour Market”. Since 1999 she has been associated with the Department of Electronic Economy and Logistics at the Academy of Sciences in Łódź and now she is Adjunct Professor at Cracow University of Economics. Katarzyna holds IPMA project management certification.


    Dr. Paweł Morawski

    As an expert he offers a unique combination of formal education, work experience as well as communication, technical and managerial skills, with special emphasis on professional IT/ITSM services and logistics. Very good knowledge and understanding of how modern organizations operate, practical ability to manage a team in the spirit of Agile, high communication culture, empathy, the ability to implement and manage IT solutions in modern business. He uses creativity in solving problems in accordance with the value-based and continual service improvement philosophy. Talking to stakeholders at all levels, he properly deals with high-pressure situations while remaining flexible and managing priorities. He can inspire and convince people to what he believes in.

    Currently he is Adjunct Professor at Cracow University of Economics and holding Scrum Master, Product Owner and Marketplace Simulation certification.


    Ewa Palarczyk

    President of the Management Board, Founder at GPM EMEA, a company responsible for promoting sustainable practices in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

    Owner of Energy of Result company, providing advisory and training services in strategy, portfolio and project management. Academic lecturer and trainer. 

    Experienced manager in Poland and abroad, in strategy development and implementation, portfolio and project management. 

    Former Executive Director at TAURON Polska Energia S. A. and the Managing Director (areas: investment projects, mergers and acquisitions, research and development), sitting simultaneously on several supervisory boards.

    Member of the Investment Committee and steering committees of key projects for TAURON Group. Former President of the Management Board at TAURON Ekoenergia, the company responsible for the development of RES in the TAURON Group.  


    Dr Marta Czerwiec

    She is an experienced business consultant and coach with a diverse background in academia and professional development. She holds a PhD in management from Kozminski University in Warsaw and serve as an Executive MBA lecturer at the WSB University.

    Additionally, She is a graduate of the Coaching Academy in London and the first certified PRISM Brain Mapping Practitioner in Poland. With her expertise, she guides individuals and companies through transformative processes, drawing upon her combined knowledge of science and business. Over the past 17 years, She has collaborated with research institutions and various enterprises, allowing her to gain valuable insights and experiences.

    Her work and publications span both Polish and English languages. Throughout her career, She has delivered over 8,000 hours of business training in professional and personal development.

    She specializes in several key areas:

    Supporting individuals and organizations in implementing changes:
    She assists in navigating and managing the complexities of change, helping clients adapt and thrive in dynamic environments.
    HR process and tool optimization for employee development:
    She offers expertise in enhancing HR processes and utilizing effective tools to foster employee growth and success within organizations.
    Mentoring and coaching current and aspiring managers and leaders:
    She provides guidance and support to individuals in leadership positions, equipping them with the necessary skills and mindset for effective management.
    With her comprehensive skill set and dedication to facilitating growth, She is committed to empowering individuals and organizations to reach their full potential.

  • Recommendations

    The cooperation between Webster University and WSB University within the framework of the postgraduate Executive MBA program introduces an important element of the internationalization of the program. For participants, this is an invaluable added value resulting from the different perspectives, international and cultural experiences that Webster University faculty bring. It should be emphasized that cooperation between universities is expressed not only in individual lectures given by Webster University experts, but also in the possibility of completing full modules of education as part of their studies, up to the possibility of obtaining a diploma from an American university.

    Phd Vasilis J. Botopoulos
    Rector and Managing Director  Webster University



    I am delighted to recommend the Executive MBA postgraduate program offered by WSB University. A unique feature of the Ex MBA program is its international character. Thanks to the cooperation with Webster University, students have the opportunity to learn from renowned academic teachers and experts from different countries. This aspect of the program contributes to the development of a global business perspective and enables understanding of cultural differences that can influence business decisions. Beyond the academic environment, the Ex MBA program offers extensive networking opportunities, giving students access to a valuable business environment that can contribute to their further professional development.

    prof. dr hab. Łukasz Sułkowski 

    Vice - Rector for Research and Human Resources Development of WSB University 




    Registration fee 1000 zł 500 zł  
    On the day of registration
    I 4800 zł 3800 zł Until October 5th 2023
    II 4800 zł 3400 zł Until November 5th  2023
    III 4800 zł 3400 zł Until December 5th  2023
    IV 4800 zł 3400 zł Until February 5th 2024
    V 4800 zł 3400 zł Until March 5th 2024
    In total 25 000 zł 17 900 zł  




    WSB University bonuses do not combine, choose the most advantageous one!

    Term bonus for members of the Silesian Medical Association for MBA studies in healthcare (partner: EY Academy of Business) in the amount of PLN 4500 until 31 May 2023.

    Bonus of PLN 4500 for the District Chamber of Nurses and Midwives in Katowice, the Beskid District Chamber of Nurses and Midwives, the District Chamber of Nurses and Midwives in Częstochowa for MBA studies in health care (partner: EY Academy of Business) for Nurses and Midwives until 31 May 2023.


    The following bonuses do not apply to MBA and postgraduate studies: Executive MBA, Master of Business Administration (Partner of study: EY Academy of Business), Master of Business Administration (MBA SME), ACCA in English - Financial Management and Accounting in an International Environment, Acca Strategic Professional, MBA in Healthcare (Partner: EY Academy of Business)






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