International Conference on Territorial and Inter-Organizational Cooperation’ 2022

International Conference on Territorial and Inter-Organizational Cooperation’2022 will take place in Brenna, Poland, from 28.09 to 30.09.2022. The events accompanying the conference will be held on 26.09 and 27.09.2022. 

The Conference is addressed to researchers and practitioners, dealing with different aspects of territorial and inter-organizational cooperation in local, regional, cross-border and international dimensions.

The Conference is characterized by its interdisciplinary approach resulting from raising multiperspective scientific problems and innovative formulas. The Conference’s main aim would be networking and forming international, interdisciplinary scientific teams working together on new scientific challenges. My intention is for the Conference to become an international platform of scientific cooperation represented by different academic centres and practitioners, who should take full advantage of the research results.

Besides the topics that are continued in subsequent editions of the conference, considering that the pandemic COVID-19 have strongly influenced territorial and inter-organizational cooperation, particularly on borderlands, we would like to devote this topic more space. Another emerging issue is the Russian aggression on Ukraine and its consequences for political and socio-economic relations, among others, in Eastern Partnership and relations with neighbouring regions. This year, public policies toward migrants and war refugees will be another crucial topic also.

Thanks to the ‘Regional Initiative of Excellence’ project funded by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the Conference attendance is free of charge. Participants cover the costs of travel and accommodation.

Despite the Conference being organized in the hybrid formula, I genuinely hope that since the pandemic COVID-19 has decreased, most of us will meet onsite in Brenna.

I believe that establishing continuous scientific cooperation with Research Institute on Territorial and Inter-Organizational Cooperation, which I run, would benefit each Conference participant in the form of joint projects and scientific publications.

Chairperson of the conference

 Prof. Joanna Kurowska - Pysz

Director of Research Institute on Territorial and Inter-Organizational Cooperation 

WSB University, Dąbrowa Górnicza, Poland


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