Veo Worldwide Services

Veo Worldwide is a European clearance company, with over 15 years of activity. We constantly search for solutions to help business owners capitalize on their unsold stock (past collections, short expiry products, canceled orders) and become efficient.

Veo adventure started in 2006 when it became the reliable partner of NOZ, the European clearance leader. Embracing quickly and easily the vision of being part of a more responsible economy, VEO grew and now has 7 acquisition offices. Our over 800 employees are focused on finding the best solutions for unsold merchandise of thousands of companies worldwide.

With all of that, Veo is consolidating its brand based on engagement, transparency, solidarity, constant improvement and competence.


Time Travel 2006
Veo started its activity 15 years ago. Many of the employees from the first year are still here, evolving in the company. The name Veo was chosen locally, based on the names of the first two members of Veo's team..

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