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Internships: Computer Science/International Relations/Management

Rector’s Proxy for Student Internships

 Computer Science/International Relations/Management 

Joanna Józefowska

tel. (32) 295-93-72

(Room 212)


Office hours:


Thursdays 12 PM-6 PM (Office closed)

Fridays 10 AM-3 PM (Office closed)


Office closed for summer break from 30.07.2020  to 17.08.2020

Dear Students,

We would like to inform you that, in order to undertake preventive measures against the spread
of SARS-CoV2 virus, the Rector of WSB University has decided to suspend classes held in the form
of contact hours with academic teachers and students in all branch campuses and didactic units of AWSB. Due to the suspension of classes at the University, We would like to inform you that the Internships office will be closed during this period. Please send all inquiries and Internship applications via email (scan or photo)at


Dear Students,

In connection with the current situation, which affects the organization and form of your studies, and in consultation with the university authorities, I inform you about changes in the principles of implementing internships:

a) Internships already started but not completed may be implemented in an extended period until the end of September 2020 without formal and financial consequences;

b) Internships not started can be transferred to the next semester also without formal and financial consequences;

c) For students of the last semesters, there is the possibility of extending the internship deadline until the end of September without formal and financial consequences (calculating tuition fees for the month July-September), provided that the condition is met - all required credits and the thesis will be submitted by June 20, 2020;

d) It is also allowed to implement all or part of the practice on-line, with the consent of the employer, expressed in writing and specifying the conditions, as well as the principles and method of documenting its implementation. Such consent, together with relevant annotations in the internship logs, will be the basis for passing.


Rector’s Proxy for Student Internships

Joanna Józefowska


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