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Security Forum ISSN 2544-1809  is an academic journal published in English by the University of Dąbrowa Górnicza.

Security Forum is a biannual journal presenting the latest achievements in the fields of safety and defense science, developed at the University of Dąbrowa Górnicza. Security Forum also presents materials and studies by other authors representing national and international academic centers. The articles published in Security Forum are by experts in the disciplines of various aspects of state security and defense, including political, geopolitical, political-doctrinal, and organizational aspects, crisis management, education, training and technical and technological issues, primarily in the field of equipment and the modern equipment and weaponry of the armed forces, as well as historical and military aspects, presenting the conclusions and experiences of wars and armed conflicts. The journal also publishes reviews of books and other major publications on broadly-defined issues of security and defense. In addition to the current issues, the SF editorial team intends to publish dissertations which are important for the publisher, in the form of special supplements. The original version of Security Forum is a paper version.

The articles and publications in Security Forum are reviewed, and as a result, the consistently high standard of the journal is maintained. Security Forum is a publication which enters the publishing market with an envisaged international reach, primarily due to authors and recipients in NATO countries and partner higher education institutions and academic centers in Poland and abroad. All articles are accompanied by abstracts and keywords. Selected articles may be published in other languages, such as German or Russian. No articles will be published in Polish.

Articles in Security Forum will be systematized according to the following layout:

1) Contemporary security policy. Dilemmas and problems;

2) Armed forces. Status, trends and lessons learned;

3) Current operations, military and crisis response;

4) Science, education and training;

5) History of war and military conflicts;

6) Reviews of interesting books and articles in the scope of security and defense

Security Forum will be available primarily in a subscription model and via the purchase of selected individual issues from the publisher, as well as in selected academic libraries and certain newsrooms.

Security Forum is registered in the court register of the District Court in Katowice and the National ISSN Center, and ultimately, it will also be indexed on the list of journals of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Republic of Poland.



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